Roughly 90% of travelers to Vietnam book hotels, vacation packages and flights online. But the travel industry has been slow to adopt some of the best digital marketing practices "the video". In travel, you’re not just selling a space, a hotel room or a seat in a restaurant. You’re selling an experience. In the case of a hotel, customers should feel like a second home. What’s the best way to convey this feeling of welcome? A video of course!

According to, 74% of hoteliers face a barrier to video because they are not sure how to go about creating video content. Once more, they also aren’t sure how to host, distribute or optimize these stories. A great video landing page on a versatile video platform can overcome these challenges.

At Megavina, we decided to work with a professional team who knows the catering and hospitatlity industry. We make promotional videos using the best of the technology can offer. With your help, we will write a script after visiting your establishment. We are able to work with talents who will play your customers, with your staff to really show the reality.

What information or stories should your videos include?

We recommend taking a funnel approach to your video content because you need different types of videos depending on the state of mind of your buyer. Are they browsing? Researching? Planning? Booking?

What about the price?

As you can imagine the cost will depend on a number of factors such as the services you want to present, the final script, if we need to book talents to act, the place for the shooting.

How do we make the video?

- Firstly we write a script (for a hotel we will focus on the rooms, your catering services, the pool, beach, landscape... for a restaurant, we will focus on the food, decoration, services...)

- We define the time we need to shoot (from a few hours to several days)

- Our video team comes to your establishment to film respecting your customers, your facilities

- We edit the video to make a promotional video adding special effects and sounds/music

- We deliver the video to you

Promotional Video

Here is an example

Promotional Video